Exquisite jewellery inspired by Origami


Ganjam, the heritage jewellery brand recently launched an exquisite new collection: Origami, at their Flagship Store in Bangalore. Honouring the age-old Japanese tradition of Origami art, this eponymous collection combines contemporary ideas with classic silhouettes. Origami Collection by Ganjam is a true manifestation of the art and culture that exhibits tradition, creativity and symbolism, which is showcased through the delicate folds, creases and forms of ancient Japanese Origami art.

Earrings 2, Origami Collection - Ganjam (Copy)

With this collection, Ganjam undertook the challenge to create paper-like delicate folds and surfaces in 18-karat gold, using a new 3rd Dimension technology in jewellery making.

Pendant, Origami Collection - Ganjam (Copy)

The Origami Collection is exceptionally designed for the young and the passionate woman of today with designs enduring the subtle beauty of rose gold, pearls and diamonds. The delicate and eminently collectable pieces in this collection pair impeccably with both daytime and evening looks.

Ring, Origami Collection - Ganjam (Copy)





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