Express Avenue hosted a variety of exciting events and workshops for kids


Express Avenue hosted some exciting events and workshops for the tiny tots in the city on November 18th 2018, Sunday. The kids enjoyed an interactive Story Telling session by Priti Sudarsan which expanded their Imagination and gave a glimpse of how to tell a fascinating story.

Children turned in huge number for the Calligraphy workshop by Sheetal and enhanced the art of Beautiful writing. They also tested their skill in the arts and craft workshop by Starmark. Children also revelled the Meet and Greet from their favorite Bear – Hamley and Hattie Bear.

The evening got more mesmerizing as Magic Gopal stunned the entire Audience with his Mind Blowing magic skills. Expert Baker Sara Koshy taught the tips and tricks of baking to the kids and the breathtaking Hip Hop Performance by kids from Spin Studio exhilarated the crowd. The kids also took part in fun activities, exciting photo booths and much more at this eventful day at Express Avenue.



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