Explore Bangalore this long weekend


Wondering what to do during this long three day Independence Day weekend? The Garden City of Bangalore itself has a lot of options to choose from. Check it out:

Flower 1

  • Visit the Lalbaugh Botanical Garden for the Flower Show.
  • Conversely you could visit the Orion Mall for another Flower Show.
  • Take a staycation to Bangalore’s newest 5-star hotels like the Shangri-La.
  • Head out to happening zones such as Social, TGI Fridays for a meal and drinks. Make use of the Independence Day offers on hand.
  • Regale yourself with tradition by visiting parts of old Bangalore such as Malleswaram or Basavanagudi. Visit the temples, grab some idli-dosa, sip piping hot filter coffee and enjoy a Bharatanatyam performance at one of the auditoriums.


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