Experience ‘Rangeelo Rajasthan’ at Kesariya


Indulge in the best of art forms and flavours from the hinterlands of Rajasthan. Kesariya, Bangalore’s first Shekhawat restaurant is hosting ‘Rangeelo Rajasthan’ festival to showcase the oldest and indigenous art forms of rural Rajasthan.  Starting from 8th February the festival will continue till 17th February. Artists from Rajasthan will showcase the making of traditional ‘Lac Bangles’ using charcoal,  highlight the nuances of pottery making and intricate motifs in Rajasthani Mehendi designs. The ‘Rangeelo Rajasthan’ festival at Kesariya will bring together artists from different parts of Rajasthan to promote some of the oldest art forms of the region


Lac Bangles: The artists who specialize in making ‘Lac Bangles’ are referred to as Lakharas and are known for their master craftsmanship.  Lac is a natural resin obtained from the insect ‘Kerria Lacca’ that is often called as nature’s natural plastic due to its flexible and durable nature.  The Lakharas create intricate designs and embellishments that look classy and royal. Made with coal and fire, the procedure of making these bangles is truly a visual treat.

Rajasthani Pottery: As one of the oldest handicrafts of Rajasthan, a piece of earthenware pottery is a must have. The artists or ‘Khumars’ as they are popularly called, are known for their meticulous and phenomenal creations.

Mehendi Designs: The Marwari Mehendi design is a strong reflection of the Rajasthani culture. The designs are intricate with a heavy focus on leaf motifs and symmetrical patterns.

Customers can indulge in any of these traditional art forms and walk away with souvenirs that bring out the essence of rural Rajasthan. As a part of the festival, Kesariya has also curated a special menu that includes thirst quenchers and summer specialities of the desert region.  A seven-course menu that includes dishes like Aloo Matar, mangodi ki subzi, Jodhpuri kofta, khatti meethi kadhi, bajra roti, ram keechdi has been specially curated. The menu also includes desserts like raabdi, moong dal halwa, ke sariya angoordana and much more.

Experience the quintessential Rangeelo Rajasthan experience at Kesariya from 8th February to 17th February

 When: 8th February to 17th February

 Where: Kesariya, Gate No. 55, Goenka Chambers,19th Main Road, 15th Cross, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru(To book a table call 080 26590800)

 Cost: Adults – Rs 645/- (inclusive of all taxes), Kids – Rs 300 (5 years to 8 years)



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