Experience ‘Kalari Yoga’ For A Healthier You !


Me Met Me joins hands with Sarath Sivan To Explore Kalari Yoga!

Kalari Payattu is the most ancient of martial arts form that trains you to have a very flexible yet strong lithe body. The movements are energetic and greatly engages the core and the abdominal muscles. Yoga on the other hand is a practice of awareness, creating stillness and calmness. Sarath, son of Sivan Gurukal, an acclaimed  Kalari Trianer, combines the two forms to help you torch calories.

me met me
“Suitable for children and for adults who seek to become stronger and lighter. Sessions are from Monday to Friday between 5:30 to 6:30. Thrice a week the focus will be on Kalari and Self Defence, twice a week the sessions will combine relaxation and awareness aspects of Yoga along with Kalari Movements” says Nuthan Manohar of Me Met Me, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi. For more details, call  9567366250.



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