Tree Plantation Challenge Launched To Honor SP Balasubrahmanyam


In the honor of late Padma Bhushan SP Balasubrahmanyam, Exnora in partnership with SPB Charitable Foundation has launched the Tree Plantation Challenge and adoption of Konetampettai.

SP Balasubrahmanyam lives on in the hearts of millions of his fans.  Today with the rain god’s blessings #ExnoraSPBTreeChallege and adoption of SPB’s village Konetampettai were launched by planting trees in Amir Mahal by the Hon’ble Nawab of Arcot Mohammed Abdul Ali along with SPB’s daughter Pallavi Girdhar, AR Reihana and Exnora Founder MB Nirmal.

In memory of this wonderful human being, Exnora and SPB Charitable Foundation are asking people to plant a tree in SPB’s and hash Tag it #ExnoraSPBTreeChallege and challenging their friends to do the same on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, or any other platform of their choice.

Speaking at the event, Hon’ble Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali shared his pleasant memories with SPB and said that SPB has sung over 50,000 songs and hoped that this tree plantation challenge can help plant at least 50,000 trees. It will bring fond memories of the great singer and also help the environment said the Nawab.

Exnora along with SPB Charitable Foundation also announced that they will be adopting SPB’s village Konetampettai. MB Nirmal, founder of Exnora said “We will transform Konetampettai village and make it a role model village for everyone to follow. Exnora has done a lot for the local communities and with the support of communities. This will be a cornerstone project for us to showcase”.

AR Reihana, Chairman of Exnora and Music Composer said “SPB lives in our hearts via his songs and now via the trees we plant. A tree that gives us shade gives us fresh air and saves the environment is a classic tribute to SPB whose songs give us energy and his humbleness the path to life”.

Pallavi Giridhar (Daughter of SPB) said “Our family is still overcoming the loss of my father. It is a difficult time for us and we have realized that it is just not us but millions of his fans too.  I am glad to be a  part of the event that helps remember him for a long time via the trees we plant. I am very thankful that Exnora has agreed to adopt our village Konetampettai. We hope to make a difference in the lives of people who live there.”

Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali whose song “Raaste”  has taken YouTube by storm garnering over 2 million views paid his tribute by singing the song “Anbe Anbe” from the movie Naalai which he made along with SPB. He also requested Pallavi to sing a song for his music composition.



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