Excessive Calcium supplements increase risk of Cancer


In a recent study conducted at the Tufts University in the US, it had stated that an excessive intake of calcium supplements may increase the risk of cancer. Scientists and researchers have to say that nutrients from food source is more beneficial that consuming supplements .The research published in the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine, showed that adequate intake of nutrients reduces the risk of cancer

The researchers assessed whether adequate or excess nutrient intake was associated with death and whether intake from food versus supplement sources had any effect on the associations. The researchers found that adequate intakes of vitamin K and magnesium were associated with a lower risk of death, while adequate intakes of vitamin A, vitamin K, and zinc were associated with a lower risk of death from CVD.

Researchers found that lower risk of death associated with adequate nutrient intakes was limited to nutrients from foods, not from supplements. In addition, the researchers found that dietary supplements had no effect on the risk of death in individuals with low nutrient intake.



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