Evoluzione presents pero Fall Winter 2015 collection


Evoluzione presents pero Fall Winter 2015 collection – November 20th and 21st

Although trends in clothing have been influenced by different things at different times, the military is something that began to affect dressing styles since 1930s and continues its invisible contribution till date. A few staples that deserve a crisp salute are Dr. Martens shoes, Ray Ban aviators, trench coats, bomber jackets and of course the quintessential khakis.

This season pero studies and explores military uniforms in its most remarkable subjectivity, collectivity, and environment. Keeping androgyny in mind and yet not forgetting the essential pero woman, one who wouldn’t mind wearing her vintage lacy chemise inside her boyfriend’s jacket. The collection is conceived as austere yet playful, keeping pero’s signature style alive. Furthering the idea of mundane clothing for a daily routine, the collection is interspersed with a cheerful button, a surprise pocket or a colorful stitch.

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Fall-Winter 2015 is a dialogue between fine hand-woven woolen Scottish checks from the Himalayas and indigo resist block printed khadis from Gujarat.

A relationship of seeing and knowing details led us to develop enamel brass buttons with silversmiths from Rajasthan, as fun is imperative to pero.

pero’s fall-winter 2015 continues to explore the stories of real people and their alter livevs. The lives they breathe when they put on their uniforms. Fascinated by the character of Princess Pea, alter ego of an Indian contemporary artist, pero collaborates with her, and dresses these miniature dolls in pero uniforms. These wooden Etikoppaka Dolls get their name from a village in Andhra Pradesh, India and are meticulously handcrafted by craftspeople.

This collaboration is an attempt to initiate the dialogue between two alter egos, pero and Princess Pea with a belief that every alter ego needs a uniform.

So what are you wearing today?

Showcase at Evoluzione, No 3, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai. Ph No: 2833 3627



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