Europe’s always a good idea!


Europe’s always a good idea!

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 The loved-up couple of ace squash player Dipika Pallikal and cricketer Dinesh Karthik, have often shared pictures of their many getaways with friends and fans. Besides giving us relationship goals, the lovebirds have also given many of us a longer travel agenda. RITZ caught up with the duo to get an update for our travel bucket list.

They often say that Paris is always a good idea, and there is little doubt that the couple would disagree. However, the duo may have elaborated on the saying just a tad bit. “Last summer we visited Europe, we toured around quite a few cities in Europe and it was absolutely beautiful,” says an equally beautiful Dipika.

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Denying that they are the touristy kind of travellers, the couple say that they love to explore on their own rather than just relying on tour guides and maps. “For all you know, we may get lost in the right direction and discover something new,” Dinesh enthuses. Surely seems like Dipika is right on target when she calls Dinesh the ‘adventure junkie.’ “He loves trying new and unusual things. I, on the other hand, am slightly apprehensive and cautious. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Dinesh I wouldn’t have tried half the things we did on our holidays,” she smiles. Certainly an intriguing thought! To which she almost immediately adds, “Fortunately, we didn’t do anything crazy last summer.”

So if Dinesh is the adventure junkie, where does that leave the lovely squash player? “I just follow whatever he does, since he is the experimental kind. We both love to travel and both of us love food! So there can never be compromise on that.”

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The first leg of the couples’ summer European vacation began from Milan and after which they headed east towards ‘the city of bridges’ – Venice. “From Venice we took a five day round-about cruise that ended again at Venice. We then flew to Paris, which was our final stop before we got back home,” Dipika explains.

Delving into their favourite memories from the trip, Dinesh reveals that the couple were initially unsure about a five-day cruise. “As it turned out, we enjoyed the cruise the most. We did not know what to expect because both of us had never been on one. We were thoroughly surprised by how well everything was organised. There is so much to do on a cruise as well. We loved it.”

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Offering words of advice to first time travellers, Dipika tells, “Always travel with your licence! You’ll never know when you need it.”

The couple try and take a break in the summer for a month after their respective sport seasons. The next destinations on the DpDk bucket list are Bora Bora, Hawaii and Brazil. “These three places are definitely on our travel bucket list. We hope to check it off the list soon,” she says.

We hope so too, we may need a longer list though!



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