Epique launches Sonic Cleansing Pod


Epique has introduced a cutting-edge Sonic Cleansing Pod, a palm-sized portable skincare device that delivers deep yet gentle facial cleansing in just 1 minute. It is more effective than just using the hands alone since they cannot cleanse the pores as deeply as this device. It is ideally suited for mature skincare as their skin needs deep yet gentle action.

With Epique’s Sonic Cleansing Pod one can enjoy a complete and hygienic facial cleansing experience, for smoother, clearer and glowing skin in the comfort of your home. The Epique Sonic cleansing Pod uses sonic technology to deliver a complete facial cleansing experience. The Sonic Cleansing Pod comprises of a Tiny Brush which gently cleans the delicate skin area, a Top Coarse Brush designed to clean the nose, ear and other oil-prone areas and a Back Coarse Brush which finally deeply cleanses the skin.

The Pod unclogs pores by removing dirt, oils and makeup residues, reduces blemishes and exfoliates by removing dead skin cells. It also massages your facial muscles to boost circulation and oxygen and enhances the absorption of your skincare products.



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