‘En Vazhi, Thani Vazhi’ – A Food Fiesta That Celebrates Rajinism


Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels & Resorts, a beacon of exemplary hospitality nestled in the city’s core, is thrilled to introduce ‘En Vazhi, Thani Vazhi – Rajinism 2.0‘, a remarkable culinary festival celebrating the renowned icon of Tamil cinema, Superstar Rajinikanth.

The event was inaugurated on August 9th at J.Hind, in their premier dining venue at Grand Chennai. It is set to spotlight the splendid work of P. C. Balasubramanian, author of ‘Rajini’s Mantras’, in honouring Rajinikanth, accompanied by the attendance of notable influencers and esteemed Chennai dignitaries.

J.Hind, the luxurious culinary destination within Grand Chennai, perfectly blends the vivacity of traditional Indian art with the exquisite representation of Indian cuisine in its full splendour. It offers a diverse selection of local delicacies and invites guests to witness an unforgettable gastronomic spectacle.

‘En Vazhi, Thani Vazhi – Rajinism 2.0’ at J.Hind is set to present an engaging gastronomic journey, meticulously curated by our seasoned culinary experts.

Some of the festival’s highlights include tantalizing dishes such as Basha Bhai Thandai, Muthu Cheese Bombs, Billa Meen Varuval, Kaalaiyan Kari Kuzhambu with Mooru Kali, Thillu Mullu Idiyappam, Manic Kulcha, and more. These unique flavours offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the world of Rajinikanth, where you can enjoy his iconic charisma while feasting on an extravagant lunch and dinner spread.

Guests will have the opportunity to partake in captivating interactions with the great writer, capture memorable moments at the selfie booth and indulge in an enticing culinary adventure that celebrates the South Indian cuisine.

For More Information – ‘En Vazhi, Thani Vazhi’
Date of the Festival: Till 20th August 2023
Venue: J.Hind, Grand Chennai by GRT, T. Nagar, Chennai: 600017
Wallet Factor: Rs.2000/- plus tax (Vegetarian) Per Person & Rs.2300/- plus tax (Non Vegetarian) Per Person.

Cuisine: Modernist Indian

Timings: 12.30 PM (Noon) to 3.00 PM (Lunch) & 07.30 PM to11.00 PM (Dinner)

Contact Number for Reservations: +91 7550036789

Website: https://grthotels.com/chennai



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