Elon Musk welcomes new family member- a cute puppy


Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has welcomed a new puppy into his family. The puppy is a Shibu Inu breed and Musk shared a picture of the cute, adorable pup having a peaceful nap on a rug on Twitter.

He has named it Floki. The Tweet which was captioned ”Floki has arrived” has got netizens excited. Many gushed at the cute pup and showered the comments section with love. They are requesting for more pictures of Floki.

The breed Shibu Inu is the mascot of Musk’s favourite crypto currency Dogecoin. They also make excellent companions. Musk was eager to get a pup of this breed and finally got one.
His tweet accumulated numerous likes and also appeared to be a boost for Dogecoin shares.



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