Elon Musk thinks that Chess is too simple


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc and SpaceX has publicly expressed his disinterest in the board game of chess. He used to play the game as a kid but later stopped playing the game as he found it too simple.

Musk prefers technology over chess and when he was just 12 years old, he authored the source code for the game Blastar. This game, which is like ”Space Invaders”, involves destroying alien freighters while avoiding deadly hydrogen bombs and status beam machines. The code was published in a magazine in 1984 and Musk earned $500. However Blastar was made into a game only in 2015 after Tomas Lloret, a Google software engineer saw it in a book by Ashlee Vance and made it into an online game.The gaming industry has developed substantially since then.
The reasons why Musk feels chess is too simple is that the chessboard is limited to 64 squares, it does not have fog of war concepts, lacks a technology tree, there are no random positions, the game is restricted to just 2 players and it has identical starting positions.


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