Elegance And Charm Personified – Sajan and Sheila Verghis


Elegance And Charm Personified – Sajan and Sheila Verghis 

As houses go, the home of Sajan and Sheila Verghis from Chennai speaks of bespoke elegance and charm and is a perfect reflection of the calm personality of its owners. We take a look at this luxurious dwelling that comes outfitted with a swimming pool and some of the most opulent comforts money can buy.

Located off the East Coast Road, Sajan and Sheila Verghis have built their dream house making it look modern, but with a homely touch. Located in the interior parts of Neelankarai, what looks like a humble abode does not set you up for what you see when you enter the house. With a beautiful sprawling lawn which is perfect for hosting a lavish dinner party, there is also a beautiful pool – the perfect space to spend a lazy weekend morning.

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Strangely enough it is the rear half of the house that is the eye-catcher.  As you walk to the backyard you are greeted by a beautifully done patio with enough collectible items and art to keep you visually and sensually occupied for hours, each piece having a story of its ow to tell. Sajan says, “Most of the furniture here is from Sri Lanka. We wanted the house to have a more homely feel than to just be about show pieces. Although most of the outdoor furniture is from Sri Lanka there are some pieces like the table out side that was purchased from Anjali Venkat.” As a couple they had decided that they didn’t want the property to just be about the house but also wanted the space around it to speak for itself, adding a depth of character to the house.

Moving to the interiors which were sourced from different places in India as well as abroad, we’re delighted by the amalgamation of textures and shades that greet us. While talking about the construction of the house Sheila says, “A lot of things changed since the first design of the house. Even as it was being constructed, we started changing things here and there. We were very keen on having a lot of wood integrated into the inside space but had heard it was hard to maintain. But then we found some easy maintenance solutions and went ahead with it. Once the wooden flooring was done we then started to look at furniture that suited this theme of the house.” They collected pieces from different places, including the United States, as their main aim was to keep the space maintenance friendly as well as homely.

Elegance And Charm

The house reflects a lot of the owners’ interest in art, which further grew as they were sourcing artefacts for the various spaces. While on an outing to look for fittings for the house they walked into the wrong store which happened to be an art gallery. While talking to the owner, they found their interest in art growing and went on the purchase a lot of the art that you now see in the house, from her. They found pieces they both liked that they felt added spark and character to the house.

The upper level of the house holds all the bedrooms – for them as well as their two children Tarun and Tara – and have been decorated to suit the personality of their children, once again reflecting their initial mandate that the house needs to feel like a home. They have a television room with a surround sound system for family evenings. The terrace upstairs is classily done with a spiral staircase leading to the top making it the perfect place for their kids to hang out with friends on a quiet evening.

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The house is a perfect example of modernity, having carefully worked into it a weave of comfort showcasing the personality of its occupants.



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