eK NGO Launches ‘Be Nice, Give Rice’ Campaign To Help Those In Need


eK NGO presents its new campaign ‘BE NICE, GIVE RICE’ which aims to provide rice to those in need. eK (meaning one) is an NGO based out of Chennai founded by Anees Afzal and co-founded by Hyder Hasan to help eradicate social welfare issues across South India. 

Upload a picture or video of your loved one feeding you a meal that you enjoy as a permanent post with the caption, “Today, I have my loved one who FEEDS ME. Now, it is my turn to give to someone who NEEDS ME. I now nominate (Person 1), (Person 2) and (Person 3) to do the challenge and donate. Use the hashtag #BeNiceGiveRice

If this challenge is not your cup of tea, then you can directly donate Rs. 1000 or an amount of your desire to help the cause and eK will distribute bags with essentials to those in need. The package includes Rice – 5 kg, Oil- 1 ltr, Sugar – 500 gms, Toor dal – 1 kg, Aata – 1 kg, Saunf – 100 gms, Mustard seeds – 100 gms, Jeera – 50 gms, Peppercorn – 50 gms, Hing – 50 gms, Chilli powder- 100 gms, Coriander, Powder- 50 gms, Turmeric – 50 gms, Salt – 1 kg, Coconut Oil- 50 ml, Toothpaste – 50 gms and Soap – 1.

Visit https://www.instagram.com/ek_ngo/ for further information.



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