East Indian Cuisine comes to Bengaluru


Get a taste of East Indian cuisine with the arrival of EatWater, an East Indian food studio in the hub of Bengaluru on Lavelle Road. Helmed by Chiraag Paul, Managing Director of Proem Hospitality, this plush eatery is Proem Hospitality’s first outing in the “Smart Casual Dining” segment.
The interiors follow a similar philosophy as the food – minimalist yet abstract in nature with multi-coloured brush stroke paintings on the walls. The understated ambiance created by instrumental music gives the restaurant further character along with an open kitchen which makes the experience engaging and fun. You can’t miss the full sized hand pulled rickshaw, a popular symbol of Kolkata plonked at the entrance. About the name EatWater, Chiraag tells us that it takes from the Bengali way of basically eating everything and there’s no Bengali word for drinking – they eat their water (jol khabo) and they eat their food of course. Apparently, there are many memes on eat water.
We saw some of robust cuisines of East India (think Meghalaya, Orissa, Assam and predominantly Bengal) come alive, each rich in flavours and high on taste. The seasoned chefs from Kolkata, including Executive Chef Indraneil Chowdhury, took us on a guided gastronomical experience. The crisp menu comes in the form of platters and promises a complete experience of the cuisine from East India. Coupled with a wine pairing experience, a first for the cuisine within this segment, there’s definitely a winner out there. The East Indian influence in the dishes is clearly visible with a twist. Thankfully it’s not fusion food and there’s no mish-mash of flavours. The authenticity of the taste of each of the dishes is retained, with each of them sticking to the original recipes, maintaining its flavours and winning our votes hands down.

Must-haves: Some of the must-haves include The Kosha Dip, Quintessentially Bengali Banana Leaf Wrap Sauce, Shukto Mousse with Fried Lentils Dumplings, Split Pea and Raw Mango Soup, Bitter and Blossoms a bitter gourd cutlet stuffed with spicy banana blossoms and Mutton Pora a pot oven roasted banana leaf wrapped lamb dish. Do try the Chicken with Kaffir Lime, Steamed Leaf Wrapped Boneless Hilsa in Cream of Mustard, Jumbo Prawns in Coconut Cream Sauce, Spicy Crab Curry and The Kosha, a classic dark and juicy mutton dish with aromatic spices. Vegetarians can try the Stufffed Pointed Gourds in Curry or the famous Dum Aloo. End your meal on a sweet note with our favourite Mango and Date Palm Cheesecake.

Where: EatWater, First floor, No. 25/5, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Open for lunch from 12 noon to 3.30 pm and for dinner at 7pm through till 10.30 pm.



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