Earth Day 2020: Mother Nature Is Healing Itself


Pandemics are not new to our history. The skies are certainly quieter so there’s less noise pollution, and the air is cleaner as the world seems to have come to a grinding halt. Mother earth is healing itself during the COVID-19 outbreak and trying to impose the truth that the planet earth is not only for humans. It appears as if the earth needs to take a break to heal itself. We’ve had fires, hurricanes, volcanoes in various places, floods, landslides and so the list goes on.

And so, come 2020, we have the COVID-19 version of the coronavirus, bringing the earth to a dramatic standstill. Wildlife is returning to our streets and our coastlines, the canals in Venice have cleared, the ozone layer has improved and climate change has been put on hold. The air was never clear in Delhi, the pure water in river Ganges, turtles in Odisha, dolphins in Mumbai and many more.

The world’s biodiversity is much like the earth’s immune booster and works to keep the world healthy. So, as species of plants and animals disappear, the world’s ability to heal itself effectively is compromised. People are forced to live indoors while the animals are free-roaming around. Maybe the pandemic is for something good as they say, Everything is for good. The good is yet to come and the earth is preparing itself to present the best this year.



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