E I D Parry launches Parry’s Amrit


E I D Parry launches Parry’s Amrit

100% Original Cane Sugar

E I D Parry (I) Ltd, India’s leading Manufacturer of a range of Sugar Products, and a part of the INR 269billion Murugappa Group today announced the launch of Parry’s Amrit – 100% Original Cane Sugar.

Parrys Amrit

Sugarcane juice is rich in natural nutrients which get removed in the process of refining to make normal White Sugar.  Parry’ Amrit is manufactured through a special process that ensures that most of the natural nutrients present in sugarcane juice are retained in the final product. Being a semi processed, natural product, Parry’ Amrit is light brown in colour, with the characteristic rich aroma of sugarcane juice. The unique taste and flavour of Parry’s Amrit blend well with beverages (coffee and tea) and traditional Indian sweets.

Lifestyle related health issues are forcing people to seek healthier alternatives in their diet. Parry’s Amrit is a healthier alternative to White Sugar. Parry’s Amrit contains naturally retained Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous and Potassium, all of which are important nutrients for the harmonious function of the body.

Parrys Amrit1

A pioneer in the sugar industry, EID Parry (I) Ltd. is innovating to bring healthier sugar options for daily use. Recently it launched Parry’s Vita Sugar – sugar fortified with Vitamin A. With these launches and more to follow, EID Parry (I) Ltd. Is seeking to build a formidable portfolio of unique products and sugar brands that are in tune with the changing and demanding requirements of Indian consumers for a healthier lifestyle.  All Parry Products are made in a FSSAI approved facility and meet all Food Safety norms.

Commenting on the Launch, Mr. V Ramesh, Managing Director, EID Parry (I) Ltd., said “At Parry’s we are committed to bring to the Indian Consumers, the best in Innovation and health. We are confident that Parry’s Amrit will truly emerge as a healthier alternative to White Sugar for Indian consumers.”



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