Dua Lipa opens up about being bullied online


Famous singer and Grammy award winner Dua Lipa opened up to fans on Instagram about being bullied online. She thanked her fans and critics for helping her to get to where she is today.

Dua Lipa stated “It’s been four years since my debut album has been out and I’m so grateful for all the incredible opportunities, the amazing people I met, all the incredible lessons that I learnt, touring for like three years, getting bullied online, so thank you so much for all things good and bad, for helping me to grow. I’m forever grateful and I’m excited for you guys to see what we’ve got coming up next.”
It has been four years since the release of her debut album in the year 2017. Clips of her live shows began doing the rounds on social media after people criticized her dancing and her performance. This trolling had a great impact on her mental health and the singer said that it caused her so much anxiety and made her feel as if she was not good enough and was not meant to be on the stage.
However, the negativity inspired her to work even harder and she is thankful to her haters for inspiring her in the process. The 25 year old Brit recently wowed critics with her dance moves and proved that she can clap back at haters.



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