Drug lord starts his fashion brand


Drug lord El Chapo, who was convicted last month, is foraying into the world of fashion with his own clothing line, slated for release this summer. Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, signed a contract from his cell in a Manhattan federal prison recently, which grants the rights to his name and signature to a limited liability company (LLC) headed by his wife and former beauty queen, Emma Coronel,  The company, under which the clothing line will be launched, is officially named El Chapo Guzman-JGL LLC.

He was convicted on drug-related charges last month after a three-month-long trial. Guzman was found guilty on all 10 criminal counts- including those on money laundering and distribution of narcotics like heroin-against him by a US federal court in February. The 61-year-old Mexican drug lord gained notoriety as the head of the infamous, murderous Sinaloa cartel for several years and is known to have escaped prison several times.

This is a dream project started by El Chapo and his wife and dedicate this project to their daughters and believes this project will benefit their future.  The designs for the brand are already on the line and the brand’s merchandise includes T-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, and phone cases.



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