Drinking water out of a can!


One of the world’s leading soft drink company Pepsi had recently stated that it’s water brand Aquafina would be tested in Aluminium cans at some retail outlets. The management had stated even tough many kids of fizzy water already came in Aluminium cans, water may, however, be a ‘new behaviour’ for a few people.

Pepsi’s main aim in its campaign is to make consumers nudge them in the right direction, the brand always wants to be ahead of consumers here. Consumers have already adjusted cans for seltzer, craft beer and even wine. Pepsi also plans to sell its carbonated water, Bubly, in cans and to put Lifewater, purified water that contains electrolytes, in bottles made entirely from recycled plastic.

However, selling water in Aluminium cans is a step forward for the industry, the best way for consumers to protect the environment would be to give up packaged water entirely. Details of the canned water are still unclear and the price is unknown.



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