Dramanon’s Children’s Theatre Workshop 2016,Hyderabad




Welcome to Dramanon’s 6th edition of the hugely successful summer workshop for kids. The theatre workshop is a fantastic way for your kid to learn a new skill set and have fun at the same time!
It’s not just theatre but the kids will dabble with sketching as well as learn through musical basics. The workshop session begins with an introduction to theatre and the various components that hold it together. It would follow with a series of fun interactive sessions and exercises to build up trust within the group. These explorations are done through various games/exercises that would break the ice between the kids. The next session will emphasise on the following skill sets for an actor/public speaker – voice modulation, Facial Expressions, Body Language, Public Speaking and diction. The sessions will then move on to internalising an emotion and explore different methods to express it. Understanding group dynamics and Individual and group Basics in Drama. It will also explore various aspects of Performance. The final session will result in a performance of short plays, devised, and developed by the kids where the family and friends are invited to be the audience!

All participants get a Certificate of participation, authenticated by Dramanon.

Artists: R. K. Shenoy, Harika Vedula


Where: Dramanon, Road No 78, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sun 01 May, 03:30 PM



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