Dr. Shashi Tharoor inaugurates Armaan Malhotra’s Art Exhibition


Dr. Shashi Tharoor inaugurates Armaan Malhotra’s Art Exhibition

With One Step Forward – NGO

Dr Shashi Tharoor was seen inaugurating Armaan Malhotra’s Art Exhibition at Alliance France Art Gallery.

Armaan Malhotra, founder of One Step Forward (OSF) a Non-Governmental Organization which works against Terrorism & supports War Widows.

Dr Shashi Tharoor inaugrated the occasion as the chief guestand motivated the attendees to take that one step forward in their lives to better society by building awareness for war against terrorism.

One Step Forward intends on conducting workshops appreciating various creative forms; the proceeds of which will go to the affected victims. They plan on spreading the word with their many works and projects in the terrorist affected states in India and hope to stop terrorism worldwide.

It has been said pretty openly now that each individual needs to fend for himself in the war against terror. Security threats have dramatically evolved in the 21st century and are not confined to national boundaries any longer. New criminal networks tend to be interconnected and organized and the lines between crime and terrorism have become blurred.

The main objective of OSF would be to educate and make citizens aware of the kind of threats India is facing and about the psyche of the terrorists so that they are aware and well equipped psychologically to deal with the fall out of terrorism and how adversely it affects the peace of our country.

Armaan Malhotra kick started this noble drive in January’ 2016 as it is his belief that every responsible human needs to study counter terrorism as a subject. This subject becomes more important considering the number of terrorist attacks India and the world is facing today. OSF works to ensure better co-ordination, strengthened coherence and more efficient use of its resources in addressing the everyday challenges faced by the affected.

“Our efforts lie in preparing people to identify potential threats and take note of suspicious behavior of people. Another matter of concern which is very close to OSF is the state of War Widows in our country. We plan on taking good care of them as we feel the kind of suffering they go through is incomparable and this distress demands special attention.” adds Armaan Malhotra

Armaan Malhotra, Founder

Armaan Malhotra, a student of Modern School is currently studying in 11th standard. He has been very active and fond of various sports, mainly lawn tennis with MBTT Academy and has won numerous trophies in singles and doubles. He loves to read, travel and discuss politics.



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