Double Trouble flavours


What’s amazing and just got more splendid? It’s Mad Over Donuts’ bumped up new Double Trouble line! Easily amongst their most loved flavours, the Double Trouble family has long been waiting for new members. Mad Over Donuts announced three delicious new additions  till October 10, that are sure to be as popular! The Double Trouble family at Mad Over Donuts brings together surprising combinations of two ingredients that make for the most delightful flavours. They’ve been popular for over a decade, with gourmands awaiting their next round of surprises. After long months of research and innovation, Mad Over Donuts unveils these much-awaited variants:
Oreo Double Trouble: Chocolate, crème and everything in between! The lip-smacking coming together of the world’s favourite cookie and some donut magic!
Kit Kat Double Trouble: Wafer chocolate as a donut.
Nutella Double Trouble: Hazelnut, chocolate and a sweet surprise, put together with Mad Over Donuts’ wizardry!



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