Don’t wash your ‘Levis’ Jeans


The CEO of Levis Jeans  Chip Bergh in a recent statement stated that he hasn’t washed his jeans in 10 years, While some investors are celebrating Levi Strauss’ return to the public markets, Decades after being a private company, many are puzzled by the CEO’s recent comments that he hasn’t washed his jeans in 10 years.

Ahead of its second IPO which boosted its market cap to 8 billion $.  Levi’s Chip Bergh admitted that he still hasn’t washed his now decade-old pair of jeans. And he doesn’t plan to, either.  HE had even urged his customers to stop washing their jeans after one or two wearings.

He had made this provocative statement because he believes strongly in what the brand stands for: quality, durability and lasting products made sustainably. He also said it because  Bergh believes we don’t need to wash jeans as often as most people think we do



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