“Don’t Want To Wash Plates And Clean Toilets Of Others”: Lakshmi Menon


Lakshmi Menon made a strong statement about her participation in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 as cleared the air stating that she is not participating in the “Shit Show”. Recently, it was rumoured that she has been finalised as one of the participants. Taking to Instagram stories, Lakshmi Menon wrote, “I am not participating in Bigg Boss show. I am not going to be washing plates and cleaning toilets of others for now and never and also fighting on camera in the name of a show. I hope hereafter nobody comes up with speculations of me going to some sh*t show.”

While Lakshmi’s comment did not go down well with many people and some of them questioned whether she looks down on people who wash plates and clean toilets. The actress shared a couple of Instagram stories to clear the air.

She said, “So, many people sent me negative messages after seeing my story. I just want to clarify that you are nobody to question me. It is my right to have an opinion and a choice. Some people might like the show, some might not. I, for that matter, do not like the show due to various reasons. I wash my own plates and clean my toilet at my house. It’s just that I don’t want to do that in front of a camera.”

Lakshmi Menon said that netizens called her out for her comments. “So, after what I said about Bigg Boss show, I got many negative comments. Let me tell you one thing. This was not about hurting somebody, or to make a fuss, speaking about a show to earn attention. I had to stand up for myself and I felt a strong need to talk about it and give clarity about whether I’m going to the show and if not, why. Thanks for supporting and not supporting,” she wrote.



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