Dont Miss, ‘Nrithyarpanam’, An offering of Natya


JTPAC Presents A Beautiful Saga of Classical Dance , “Nrithyarpanam” on July 24th! 

“Smt. Urmila Sathyanarayanan is one of the finest dancers of Bharathantyam today. She is praised for her precise footwork,  her facial expressions and posture. She is a versatile artist who has won critical acclaim for both her traditional and thematic presentations. She is the recipient of several awards and honourable titles, ” says the team at JTPAC, Kochi.


dance jtpac_Fotor

She founded her institution ‘NATYA SANKALPA’ in 1995 and has produced some of the finest artists today who perform regularly at all major festivals and her productions. At Nrithyarpanam, the show at JTPAC on July 24th at 7pm,  five performers Swathi Asok, Thamayanthi, Sai Vridula, Anjana John and Bhavani Udayakumar would be performing. 



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