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Do you walk into your home, look around and feel bored? Do the same colours, textures and furniture seem uninspiring and tiring? Admit it, once in a while we all long to do something dramatic to our homes – something that will make a statement, that will get eyeballs popping and have visitors go green with envy. There’s no need to rush out to buy a hammer and start knocking down walls. You needn’t even trash your furniture at the nearest garage sale.

Just sit back and think – what is it you want? How can you make it happen? And then continue by reading our tips from some of Hyderabad’s most illustrious names in interior design and decor, as they give us invaluable pointers and ideas on how to jazz up various spaces in your home.

RITZ talks to Hameeda Sharma, Bani Singh, Fareed Khan and Vasundhara Sampath, all stalwarts in the field of design and decor, to get some quick and effective remodelling and decorating tips.

Bani Singh


She’s a law graduate with a diploma in interior design from Jenson and Nicholson. With a natural flair for design, she has multiple projects for the Central Government to her credit. Her clientele is spread across the country and creating aesthetic spaces is her passion; she has also worked on commercial projects like schools, offices and hospitals, restoring heritage buildings and on various residential projects.

Bani gives us tips on how to transform one’s living room in a modest budget

What elements can transform or jazz up a living space?

Major elements that can make a difference to the outlook of the space would be wall colour or wallpaper, lighting and flooring. Experimenting with a new look needs you to just change these elements to have a completely transformed space. Additionally, adding live plants, handicrafts and large intricate mirrors can also do the trick.

How much could such modifications cost? 

Cost of any modification to an existing space totally depends on the client. I personally work more on client budgets to give their space a fresh look that is not too heavy on the pocket.


Ideal sourcing points? 

Delhi is definitely the one-stop shop for sourcing items for the home. Of course, we have international destinations for various products, but Delhi is more cost effective for clients.

The newest trend in interior design?

Straight lines and contemporary spaces are what most clients want these days. A minimalistic look with mood lighting is a trend that seems to be catching on.

Hameeda Sharma

‘Out of the box’ is what comes to mind when Hameeda Sharma is in charge. Pioneering the world of high-end contemporary designs for the last 10 years, Hameeda and her husband Aamir have been there and done it all. They specialise in using economic materials in the best possible way by applying it to ceilings, walls and floors. Delivering innovative concepts and user friendly designs, they have worked on a variety of projects like hospitality, residential and commercial spaces.


Hameeda gives us some easy pointers on how to jazz up one’s bedroom

What elements can transform or jazz up ones bedroom?

The easiest way to jazz it up would be getting some interesting bed spreads with cushions. You can start by choosing a colour theme for the room. To give it a further lift pick up lamps to play with light, curtains to match the colour theme, artwork for the main wall and a nice carpet to finish the look.


How much would such a modification cost?

Anything from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000, depending on where you source materials from.


Ideal sourcing points?

Options like Fab India to keep it minimal in budget, or Good Earth for bed spreads and throws, Oma for interesting lamps, Room Therapy for accessories, Inhabit for bedroom chairs and accessories, and Studio Orion for wallpaper and curtains can seal the deal.


The newest trends in interior design?

My designs are a reflection of ‘timeless’ and so I would not recommend any trends which would fade away in time. Pastels have been a trending option when it comes to choosing your colour scheme, wallpapers and throws. Interesting out-of-the-box digital print cushions available in the market can add a new spin to the look.

Fareed Khan

Fareed Khan, with his company FK Group, has been designing and transforming home and business environments for over 15 years now. Providing design and building services, Fareed believes in adding a unique and personalised expression to one’s space. Executing the highest level of quality in construction, they deliver spaces that are both cost effective and stunning.


Fareed gives us pointers on how to elevate the look of your dining room.

What elements can transform a dining room and elevate it to being more than just a space to eat in?

My idea of modifying a space in the dining area would be the use of glass and wood. Elegant and classy, these elements can transform the space like none other. Wood has a timeless visual appeal and when combined with glass can give a space unparalleled versatility.


How much such a modification could cost?

Modification cost is totally dependent on the interior designer. When calculated it can range anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 3000 per square feet.

Ideal sourcing points?

We source furniture and decorative items from countries like China and Dubai. There are shopping festivals that take place round the year which help us get good deals on some Italian, French and English styles of furniture. Nationally, one can also source wooden furniture from Uttar Pradesh while designer light fittings like chandeliers and lamps are best found in Delhi.


The newest trends in interior design?

A sophisticated and classy way to go this year is to stay with the ‘less is more’ look. Today people prefer more space and contemporary designs that look clean, yet cosy.

Vasundhara Sampath

She started her journey as an independent design professional way back in 2009 and has since lived her dream of creating beautiful spaces. With a natural flair for interior design, she has always had a keen eye for aesthetics, space and colour. She has worked on projects of commercial and residential nature, all reflecting a sense of warmth and sophistication. Vasundhara gives us pointers on how to beautify the most ignored space in a home – the foyer.


What elements can transform or jazz up a foyer?

A warm and welcoming foyer gives a sneak peak into what’s in store inside, so it’s really important to make it a striking space. One can add an interesting console with a mirror or some sort of art hung above. Another option is to place fresh flowers or handpicked artefacts on the console. You can also pick up a console with a drawer – which is perfect for storing keys. Additionally if you have a large foyer space, you can add sleek chairs on either side of the console. We’ve added quirky and eclectic units that make a statement while hiding all the footwear inside. Smart artefacts and textured or wallpapered walls always complete the look.


How much would such a modification cost?

I truly believe that one need not spend a bomb on doing up a place. All you need is a little imagination to create a stunning space. Polish, paint or re-upholster an old piece and you have a brand new piece of furniture to play with. We hand-painted Egyptian hieroglyphs on a foyer wall in one of the homes, which instantly added the much needed “wow” factor.

Ideal sourcing points?

Look for interesting tables in flea markets and online stores for a good deal. Some of the smaller antique stores have unusual pieces at great costs. The trick is to explore before you select any piece of furniture for your home.


The newest trends in interior design?

The foyer to any home no longer has to confine to only a mono style. An extremely modern console with an abstract painting and a crystal chandelier is something that can work wonders and is very ‘in’ right now.



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