Doll tales



One of the highlights of the Dasara Festival in Karnataka is the Gombe Habba, or Festival of Dolls.


The festival is celebrated for ten days, nine nights of Navaratri and Vijayadashami on the tenth day, where the  focus is on the worship of Adishakti or Durga, the female principle, in all her manifestations. A  multi-tiered display (ranging from three to nine steps) symbolizing the  durbar of Durga  is arranged in homes, on which are represented manifestations of the  Universe – divinities, humans ,flora and fauna, the sequence following a common pattern.


KAMALINI will display a variety of  handcrafted dolls  and toys and lamps. Painted woodware dolls from Kinhal , Northern Karnataka ranging from  gods and goddesses, folk deities, decorated cows, bulls and horses, women engaged in rural activities and toys like “kiskal gombe” and “ambekal ganesha”. Raja Rani dolls from red sanders wood and vegetable dyed dasavatara dolls from Andhra Pradesh will also be featured.

The exhibition and sale of handcrafted Dolls and Lamps for Dasara and Diwali will be from 12th of October at their store Kamalini, Malleshwaram. The exhibition will be held till Diwali




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