Dog waits outside hospital for a week for it’s owner


A dog named Boncuk waited for her 68 year old owner outside a hospital in the north eastern city of Trabzon in Turkey. Cemal Senturk was admitted in hospital after a brain embolism. Boncuk, the loyal dog, followed the ambulance and waited outside the hospital. She was occasionally fed by the hospital staff. Though Senturk’s daughter tried to take the dog home several times. it kept running back to the hospital.

Senturk was discharged after a week and an overjoyed Boncuk ran alongside his wheelchair, jumping and wagging her tail. Senturk who was moved by this display of affection said “:It makes a person very happy, the dog is very close to us like a human being.” The reunion was an emotional one.

All along, the dog did not pose a danger to anyone and everybody at the hospital noticed the relationship between the dog and her owner. The name Boncuk means “beads” and refers to the dog’s hazel eyes.



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