Diwali Dazzle: Priyanka Gulati


Diwali is just around the corner – and with the diyas, sweets and Patakas come the numerous Diwali parties. And then the confusion of what to wear obviously follows it big time! So what are you wearing for the Diwali party next weekend? Is it the regular Anarkali that you wore last month? Is it the suit that you wore for your friend’s wedding and you hope they cancel coming to the same party? While most of us are struggling with these questions, there are a few out there, who have their style game in place. They’ve planned their looks and have their outfits ready. We went into the households of some of those lovely ladies – who know exactly what it takes to turn heads. Read on to know about how these dames are all set to dazzle this Diwali.

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Priyanka Gulati, Makeup artist

What makes this festive time special?

The feeling of Diwali every year is extremely vibrant. There is so much happiness and love in the air. The entire city is lit up and beautifully decorated. Everyone gives family and friends more importance than work. So more bonding, more laughter and more excitement!

How do you celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is a fun time of the year and we definitely celebrate it in the best way possible by performing pujas and distributing sweets to our loved ones. For us, Diwali has always been an eco-friendly one – which is without crackers.

How do you like dressing up?

I always like dressing up to the T. I don’t think much on being under dressed or over dressed. My policy is every look should be complete and should make everyone’s stare worthwhile. For the Diwali season I would be dressed in desi.

Who is your favourite designer?

All year round no matter what time of the year, Gaurav Gupta is my favourite.

How would you judge the fashion scene in the city?

The fashion scene in the city is up to the mark. Thanks to the various exhibitions that keep happening in the city, we have easy access to fashion trends from all over the country. But you might bump into a friend dressed in the same outfit as you! (laughs) But it is a joy to the eyes to see everyone dressed beautifully during the festive time.

What’s your fashion plan for the Diwali parties?

My Diwali wardrobe is set – it definitely needs to be planned in advance as with so many Diwali parties to attend, I don’t like running around in the last minute. This time of the year, I put my westerns away for a while and let the shararas and anarkalis take over.

Your favourite Indian clothing?

Definitely a sharara.

What kind of jewellery do you like?

When it comes to jewellery, one has to be selective about either – the dress being loud or the jewellery. My personal choice is always big earrings and finger rings.



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