Dive into a sea of Vietnamese cuisine


Celebrate the flavors of Vietnam at East, Crowne Plaza’s Pan-Asian rooftop restaurant. Vietnam is home to some of the most delicious and artfully crafted dishes in the world. Characterized by fresh ingredients, delectable textures, and abundant herbs, Vietnamese food ranks among the healthiest cuisines in the world.


Crowne Plaza Bengaluru invites you to experience the captivating taste of Vietnamese cuisine that has endeared itself to millions of people around the world.

A delightful culinary journey through the diverse regions of Vietnam awaits you, as chef Asmic Raj brings to life the classic dishes of Vietnam, from bánh mì and phở and everything in between.

From delicate soups and stir-fries to well-seasoned grilled dishes, relish the deliciously traditional fare of Vietnam at Crowne Plaza’s rooftop restaurant, East.

Venue: East, Crowne Plaza, Electronics City, Bengaluru

Timing: 7 – 11 PM

Date: Till 30th September



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