Divas Mantra Launches New Summer Collection SIA


Divas Mantra recently launched their summer collection ‘SIA’. The collection is a portrait of poise and inner confidence, the contemporary collection is hand-crafted, fine jewelry. SIA is subtle luxury reinstated; faultless for that corporate do. SIA’s perfect necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants come with that hint of class and style without being forceful. The visual treat of ultimate refinement features the finest silver with inlaid gemstones. The patterns are patronizing of the SIA lady, delicate and understated in her personality and breathtaking in her individuality.

Divas Mantra is a reverberation of the modern woman, the Divas Mantra Silver collection is for the fashion conscious with an eye for state-of-the-art modern jewelry that entails making a statement. It blends as perfectly with the powerful clothing of women who walk the corporate corridors. The brand is inspired to recreate the centuries-old artistry with ancient techniques, in silver, for the woman that you are.

Visit: https://divasmantra.com/



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