Ditch your stilettos for a pair of Kitten Heels


The Kitten heel trend is back, and is here to stay. Monrow brings the rage back with enviable range of fashionable heels. Kitten heels are in more ways than one, an epitome of the comfort and fashion. Monrow’s kitten heels are delicate, flattering to the foot and easy to walk in – making them a must own for a comfortable morning to night wear, without throbbing foot pain and not seeming as discordant as granny shoes.

Monrow Shoes offers a variety of fun Kitten heels that can transform your style with ease and panache. Pair your Monrow with a summer dress to seamlessly emanate the girl next door feel or dress it up with culottes and a turtle neck to resonate high fashion effortlessly. Monrow’s kitten heels are the perfect contrast between the cuddles of a kitten and the hustle of a lioness. Get your hands on these kitten heels and prep up fashionably for a day of hustling. These kitten heels are a badass pick to own and is a must have for your fashion-packed wardrobe.

Available on: http://www.monrow.in/
How much: Rs 1499 to Rs 2999.






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