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Explore traditional methods of healing and rejuvenation with Dr. Amrutha Raj

The soft glow from the Vellaku (lamp) is the only glimmer of light in the dark room that is soaked with the distinct fragrance of Ayurvedic oils and rose petals. Even under this faint flicker, the soothing music, entwined with the sounds of chirping birds gently calm your nerves. As the warm concoction of oils touches your skin, your body starts to unwind and before you realise it, the smooth yet firm massage swiftly drifts you into a state of sheer bliss. The Ayurvedic massage is the ultimate form of rejuvenation that eliminates stress, fatigue and pain using medicated herbal oils. The science of life that dates back to over 5000 years is one of the oldest traditions of healing that has its roots in
India. Ritz explores the Ayurvedic therapies offered at the Ayuh Spa at the Le Meridien hotel, with Dr. Amrutha Raj, who has been practising Ayurveda for over a decade now.

Text: Riya Sonny Datson
Photography: Anoop Ajay

What is the basic philosophy of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the only forms of ancient healing which focuses on treatment and prevention of diseases using natural herbs. Ayurvedic treatment and medication differs for each person depending on his/her ‘Prakriti’. Vatha, Pitha and Kapha are the three basic elements that determine each person’s‘prakriti’. These elements are present in everyone in different permutations and combinations. A person falls sick or feels uneasy when this delicate balance is disturbed. During a consultation, an Ayurvedic doctor can analyse the Prakriti of the patient and offer a remedy or treatment to correct the imbalance.
What would be the USP of Ayuh Spa?
At Ayuh Spa, we offer authentic Ayurvedic treatments that are administered by trained and certified Ayurvedic professionals. Le Meridien is a property that is spread across 25 acres. So we have cultivated our own herbal gardens and we use these herbs to make our own fresh herbal facials and scrubs. Our treatments and medications are completely natural with zero chemicals. We also have Premium Ayurvedic cosmetics and medicines available at Ayuh Spa that is supplied from an authentic Ayurvedic pharmacy.

What are the traditional treatments available at Ayuh Spa?
We have treatments like the ‘Abhyanga’ which is the medicated herbal oil application followed by a full body massage. A warm concoction of oils is applied all over your body in a moderate speed and pressure that restates the body and mind to a relaxed mode. Abhyanga yields a range of benefits like improved blood circulation, strengthens body tolerance, decreases effects of ageing and removes fatigue, stress and pain. The experience concludes with Snana – a medicated shower. The Elakizhi treatment uses fresh herbs that are processed in medicated oil and made into poultices with which hot compressions are given all over the body. This therapy promotes lubrication of joints and relieves back ache, while enhancing blood circulation and expels toxins. Another common treatment is the Udwarthana, which is the application of a combination of oil and herbal powder that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin. The treatment acts as a catalyst to give you a well –toned body through weight reduction. This natural blend also scrubs and cleanses to uplift skin texture and complexion.

What are your signature treatments?
Apart from traditional treatments, we also have wellness & rejuvenation treatments. Some of our signature treatments include Jivantika, which is a revitalising treatment to obliterate fatigue and to restore well-being. This therapy commences with head massage, neck and shoulder massage followed by a full body massage which creates definitive relaxation. The remedy concludes with Shirodhara, where medicated oil is slowly poured over your forehead in a continuous flow. This releases mental stress and induces sound sleep. Another therapy is Tejaswini, which includes the traditional full body massage followed by the sensuous cocoa and spices scrub, which boosts the moisture content in your skin and stimulates cell renewal. Cocoa is an antioxidant that helps to protect skin against ageing and wrinkles. There are other treatments like Punarjini and Svaasthya that are a combination of the above mentioned treatments.
You also have the Dinacharya, which is like a daily routine prescribed by Ayurveda. Would you explain that for us?
Ayurveda recommends Dinacharya as a daily regime. The five senses are pampered to unconditional cleansing and relaxation in the process and this treatment focuses on rejuvenation, detoxification and imparts a healthy life style. It includes:

Anjana: The application of a medicated liniment to the lower eyelids. This treatment enhances the natural beauty of our eyes and improves eyesight.
Nasya: The administration of medicated oil through the nostrils, which cleanses and removes, accumulated phlegm from the respiratory tract.Gandusha: A procedure where the mouth is completely filled with medicated fluids as per the Physician’s discretion. The fluid is held in the mouth and then released which improves oral hygiene and maintains clarity and brings about a feeling of freshness.
Dhumapana: Inhalation of medicinal smoke which enhances sense of smell.
Karnapoorana: A classical Ayurvedic procedure recommended for ear disorders in which medicated oil is administered to the ear. This process is continued with Abhyanga, Udwarthana and concluded with Snana.

Any specific beauty therapies?
Yes, we offer Aanandini, which is a sensuous massage designed to refine skin texture and lift away surface impurities and toxins, providing a holistic healing. It includes Rejuvenation Massage, Fruit Massage, Herbal Scrub, and Herbal Facial & Herbal head pack. Natural fruit puree extracts provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which brighten and conditions the skin. A touch of honey will visibly renew and improves skin texture, leaving the skin supple and revived. We also have other short duration hair and beauty therapies that help to rejuvenate your skin and tresses.

Do you entertain external guests?
Yes, apart from in-house guests, we have regular guests who are not staying here who come and visit us for authentic Ayurvedic treatments.



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