Dirty hair? 6 ways to rock the look


It’s been a long day with another longer day in sight. We give you 6 ways to rock that unwashed hair look. So, go ahead! Hit that snooze button, cause you deserve that little extra sleep.

Straight up knotty


A topknot is the sneakiest way to conceal your second-day hair. Not only does it work better for unwashed strands, it’s also a super easy look to pull off.

Braid game

Braids are the perfect concealer for not-so-clean hair. The natural oils make second day hair easier to manage when tying a fishtail, undercut or milkmaid braid or a braided bun.

Pony time

The good ol’ ponytail keeps the hair off your face and hides your not-so-fresh scalp. Carefree, casual and very on-trend, this do is perfect to get you through second day blues.

Bed head

Create second day loose waves by finger combing—wrap individual sections around your fingers, hold for a few seconds and release. The natural oils in your hair should hold the slight wave. If you have a natural wave, mist with hairspray, scrunch, and go.

Coif it up

Start with a dry shampoo to soak up excess oil and to refresh your roots. Add a small amount of product to pump up the volume and style.




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