Director Balachandrakumar makes shocking revelations about Kerala actor assault case


Actor Dileep is to be questioned again in the actor assault case

The Kerala Government has requested the Supreme Court for an extension of trial by 6 months for the Kerala actor assault case. The case was to have closed by February 16th 2022 (as per the order of the SC) but the request for further investigation has come about due to the revelations made by director Balachandrakumar, who claims that he has evidence against actor Dileep. Balachandrakumar in an interview to Newsminute claimed that he had evidence that proves that Pulsar Suni, the main accused had connections with Dileep and that the actor had access to video of the assault even before it was submitted in court. He also claimed that he decided to approach the police and the government as he realised there was threat to his life. He further went on to say that he had recorded voice clips of Dileep that he will be submitting as evidence.

Special Public Prosecutor in the case, VN Anilkumar quit last week, protesting the attitude of the High Court judge Honey Varghese, he is the second prosecutor to have quit the post. Meanwhile the survivor has written a letter to the Kerala Chief Minister requesting a reinvestigation in the case that happened in 2017 and requesting for the appointment of another Prosecutor. Many actors from the film fraternity have come forward to support the survivor who has had to undergo many trying situations and yet has been waiting patiently for the last five years for justice to be served. While it has been reported that Dileep is to be questioned again the actor claimed that the allegations of the Director is a conspiracy and he has requested that no further investigation be done in the case.




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