Destination Kerala: Culinary Expedition With Nimmy And Paul


A holiday is not always about 5 star hotels, sumptuous seven course meals and impeccable housekeeping! You may have to step out of your comfort zone to experience what your destination has to offer – to explore the secret treasures and tales that lay hidden in the history and culture of the natives, the culinary traditions and the threads that weave the magical fabric of their rich heritage. Some of the best travel experiences often unfold during an unassuming nature trek, a fishing trip, a culinary expedition or at a quiet, tranquil corner of a warm home stay! Read on to find out what some of these wonderful hosts from God’s own country have to offer this holiday season!


Culinary Expedition With Nimmy And Paul

If you are keen on exploring the nuances of Kerala cuisine, Nimmy & Paul would be your ideal hosts. With over 1000 guests a year, Nimmy’s cooking demonstrations often have large groups of 30 guests to smaller groups of 5 or 6, who are mostly foreigners.  Being a professional cookery instructor with more than twenty five years of experience, Nimmy’s classic Syrian Christian recipes are often traditional ones that have been handed down over generations. From the indispensable Thoran, Mezhukkuvaratti to seafood specialties like a prawn delicacy and the Fish Molly, she has all the popular recipes on her menu.  Her cooking sessions are very professionally done with a camera that projects live images on to a TV screen, mic and speakers. She also offers one to one training and hands on training for small groups of upto 5 guests. Nimmy says that cooking is her passion and she loves interacting with guests and sharing her culinary experiences and knowledge. She explains each recipe with detailed descriptions about each ingredient, the ideal utensils or cook wear needed for the cooking style and so on. Her sessions go beyond mundane cooking and she shares personal anecdotes about the relevance and use of spices in our daily life, about infusions and concoctions that help in our health and wellbeing. The hour long demonstration winds up with the guests having to get an opportunity to explore her traditional kitchen, after which they are served a sumptuous five course Kerala meal.

Where: Beach Road (Coastal Highway), Off Fort Kochi

Facebook: Nimmy&Paul




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