Designer Sailesh Singhania showcased his latest collection ‘Rangabati’ at Folly


Sailesh Singhania Label showcased ‘Rangabati’, their latest collection inspired by all the shades of a woman, on November 30th 2018 at Folly. Chennai women were seen shopping for their favourite sarees from a variety of weaves ranging from the Tussar Jamdani from West Bengal, Tanchoi from Banarasi to Uppada

Rangabati is an ode to God’s most beautiful creation; women and all her alluring shades. It captures the various shades and moods of a women her passions and her virtues.

The Rangabati collection is inspired by all the shades of a woman, a dreamer a go-getter, a winner. A woman is all shades special, all shades of beautiful. The collection represents – A Woman – A sweet, little child who loves pink, that daring adolescent who tries her mother’s lipstick while no one is looking, that aspiring young damsel who is as worried about her academics as she is about the latest fashion, that shy little bride who grabs her husband’s hand while yearning to earn respect in her new home, that experimenting parent who cares for her child like no one else and that confident entrepreneur who can shake the world.

Just like the different and unique shades, the collection has a variety of weaves ranging from the Tussar Jamdani from West Bengal, Tanchoi from Banarasi to Uppada from down south retaining the highest quality of the craft of hand weave. The colors vary from bright and bold festive shades of royal blue, Tuscan sun yellow and emerald green to peaceful tones of powder blue and earthy beige to fierce shades of grey. The silhouettes of the blouses are a combination of modern and contemporary with blend of traditional touch.

The collection is a toast to the unmatchable creation of God and each sari reflects the diverse and enchanting shades of a women.

About the brand: 

The Sailesh Singhania label was created with the vision to promote hand woven saris and apparel with a unique sense of aesthetics for discerning customers, through the formation of the Sailesh Singhania Design House.

Sailesh Singhania has over the years created a unique signature style that subtly draws from our Indian roots to craft artisanal sarees and garments that stand apart due to their faultlessly clean lines and careful detailing.  Their work epitomizes simplicity, yet on closer look reveals the obsessive attention to detail.  While they combine the ancestral techniques with the traditional designs in an understated design aesthetic, their collections have a global appeal yet remain passionately Indian.

The designs combine traditional techniques with contemporary flair using a wide palette of colors. Each of the finest , intricate and exquisite sarees take a laborious and painstaking 4 months to 1 year to get off the loom and provide you sustainability without compromising on fashion.

Sailesh Singhania believes in holistic, individual, integrated fashion & their clients take pride in incorporating handlooms in their wardrobe. They work with 700 handloom weavers throughout the year and also support 22 different clusters including Pochampally, Gadwal, Uppada, Kota, Pranpur and many more.



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