Delivery driver turns into real life hero


Nguyen Manh turned into a real life hero as he managed to catch hold of a child who fell from the 12th floor of a building in Vietnam. He was waiting to deliver a package, when he saw the child hanging from the balcony and he rushed to save her. According to him, the whole incident took place in a minute and he could not understand how he managed to scale the roof so quickly to save the girl. This incident took place in Hanoi in Vietnam and a video of the incident has been posted on Twitter where the child was seen dangling from the balcony. Seconds later, she is seen falling down as shocked neighbours screamed in fright. It was due to the timely help of Nguyen who scaled the roof and caught hold of the girl that saved her life. The girl was rushed to National Children’s Hospital where doctors are treating her for a dislocated hip.

The video has received an amazing response from viewers who hailed Nguyen as a hero and a Guardian Angel who deserved to get a medal for his bravery. Nguyen, who suffered a sprain in his arm, believes that anyone in his place would have done the same thing and does not see himself as a hero.



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