Defend & Protecht To Launch Active Virus-Resistant Masks


Chennai-based Defend & Protecht Initiative, powered by HeiQViroblock, introduces India’s first multi-functional protective masks enhanced by four HeiQ technologies at the same time. HeiQViroblock NPJ03 is amongst the first textile technologies in the world to be proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in the laboratory, deactivating 99.97% of the virus in just 30 minutes.

The other technologies in the mask are HeiQ Smart Temp for thermo-regulation and moisture management, HeiQ Pure for odour control, and HeiQ Eco Dry for water and droplet repellent properties. Such a combination of high-tech Swiss textile innovations in one mask is currently not available on the market.

Defend & Protecht Initiative consists of three textile specialist organizations – Emcee Apparels, Sreekumaar Texind Corporation, and Dvintex – who addressed the need of the hour in these unprecedented times. Masks have become an everyday essential and developing a multi-functional mask that actively inhibits viral and microbial activity and is affordable was the obvious requirement.

Designed and developed in 3-layer variants, the outer barrier which is common for all variants are engineered to actively destroy viruses and microbes on contact and filter pollutants, and is droplet and water repellent and breathable.

The middle layer is treated with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, water repellent, and pollutant filtering technologies. The inner comfort layer has thermo-regulation, moisture management, and odour control. The mask is self-sanitizing, reusable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and optimally designed for a comfortable fit.



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