Decorated IPS Officer Dr. K. Jayanth Murali launched his three latest books


Dr. K. Jayanth Murali (IPS) was proud to launch three of his latest books – ‘42 Mondays, Soliloquies on Future Policing & Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance’ on Friday, 16th December 2022, at the Police Officer’s Mess, Egmore. The books were launched in the presence of Dr. C. Sylendra Babu (IPS), Dr. Walter Devaram, (Retired IPS) and Thiru. Shankar Jiwal, (IPS)Spe.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. K. Jayanth Murali (IPS) extended his appreciation to his fellow officers and colleagues, “I thank all fellow officers who are present here for the launch of my three published books. A special thanks to Dr. C. Sylendra Babu  (IPS., DGP&HoPF TN), Dr. Walter Devaram, (Retired IPS) and Thiru. Shankar Jiwal, (IPS., DGP/COP Chennai City) for launching my books. It will be a great pleasure for my readers to experience my latest books. I am also announcing ‘Marathon in Tamil’ and ‘A Random Pot-Pourri’. to my latest collection. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

Dr. Walter Devaram, (Retired IPS) said “42 Mondays”, “Soliloquies on Future Policing” and “Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance” were the books launched. “42 Monday opened my eyes to the incredible advances in technology. It will definitely help the reader get an insight into and understanding of the new technologies that are changing modern-day policing.”

The event was attended by high-ranked officers from India. Dr. K. Jayanth Murali (IPS) also announced his new books ‘Marathon in Tamil’ and ‘A Random Pot-Pourri’.

About the Books:

“42 Mondays” embarks on a cool ride that will not just blow you away but also take the lid off some disruptive emerging technologies that promise kick-ass capabilities for the police to combat crime and criminals. As you journey through the book, encounter some cool emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, DNA Profiling, Genetic Genealogy, Virtual Reality, Brain Fingerprinting, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Synthetic Biology and more, waft from the pages of this brilliant book.

“Soliloquies on Future Policing” is a book on Advanced technologies are coming at us in hordes and faster than the speed at which law enforcement agencies can embrace. Jayanth Murali, the best-selling author of 42 MONDAYS, with his explosive insights based on a long career in law enforcement, takes the readers on a spellbinding tour through the disruptive world of new emerging technologies.

“Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance” speaks on humans being are the best endurance runners on the planet. Science reveals that we evolved by running long distances. Regrettably, instead of advancing, we have become a sedentary generation beset by lifestyle diseases, depression, and anxiety hooked to alcohol and drugs instead of reclaiming our high on endorphins.

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