Dawn of Justice: Dark, disjointed but we like where it maybe headed *spoilers*


#DawnofJustice:BatmanVsSuperman has been trending on Twitter, Facebook and all other possible social media platforms ever since it has released. The movie has so far earned estimated $170.1 Million in North America Opening. And those figures make the Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill film the sixth-best weekend opening of all time.

The film cost $250 million to make and also includes Amy Adams, Gal GadotJesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, though it starts off as, is more than just a sequel to Man of Steel. The movie is set towards the end of Man of Steel and starts of where Superman, played by , Henry Cavill is discovering his place in the world, while Batman, played by Ben Affleck, is pretty much an established figure in Gotham.

The film falls short in terms of it’s narration, which is highly convoluted and introduces multiple characters who are merely cameos and fail to live up to their potential; something that makes viewers feel that Dawn of Justice was just meant to open up the DC universe to future projects.


Henry Cavill plays his brooding Man of Steel look to his best possible ability, thought it may seem a little too ‘plasticky’ for our liking. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, does a fairly decent job and has certainly moved away from Nolan’s Batman who we have all learned to love. Affleck plays a rather dark and brooding Batman, with no comic relief in place.

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is a breath of fresh air, though many may consider him miscast. While he is sure to strike a parallel with the Joker and little less as Lex Luthor, it could well mean the development of this character into the menacing Lex Luthor from the comics.

The Flash cameo where the speedster visits Bruce Wayne in his bat cave gives us a vague idea of where this movie maybe headed towards. We think the story line may follow the Injustice: God’s among us and the scarlet speedster from the future warns Batman of implications of his friendship with the Man of Steel.

On the whole the movie is a visual treat, since we expect nothing less from Zac Synder; a little painful on the brain and eyes, given it’s overtly round-about storytelling and extremely brooding with no element of fun. The movie is neither a hit or miss and lies somewhere in between.



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