Grand Inauguration Of Davao Medical School Foundation International Pre-Med Online Classes


The event took place on 23rd July in the presence of S.Ve. Shekher and Hon’ble Retd Chief Justice Valli Nayagam and TRW Groups CEO Dr. David K Pillai. The launch took place connecting eminent personalities from the Philippines and India over a video conference.

Davao Medical School Foundation has a reputation for producing top rankers in FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduation Exams) over the past 10 years. Not forgetting that Davao Medical School Foundation has 82% of passing ratio when the national passing ratio was 21%. Currently, 5000 students are studying in the Philippines and about 2800 students have graduated from college and are currently working across the globe.

While talking to the CEO Dr. David K Pillai, he said, “Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the finest medical schools in the Philippines and the city is crime-free where English is largely spoken and it has one of the best tropical conditions which are excellent to learn various diseases similar to our country.”

 “This International Pre Med online classes have turned out to be very receptive by students and it’s a great learning platform for students in these tough times of COVID 19,” he added. This medical school offers the lowest fee structure to help students with great ambitions and makes it an affordable course for the students from the rural area too.



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