Customer leaves a symbolic tip of $2,020 at Indian restaurant in US


A customer at a US based Indian restaurant left an extremely generous and symbolic tip of $2,020 on January 1, 2021 and made the staff of the restaurant very happy. Masala Mantra Indian Bistro based in Cape Coral in Florida posted a picture of the bill on it’s social media handle. The bill for the food and drinks that the customer had consumed inclusive of tax was only $269 but the generous customer gave a tip of $2,020 to a  server named Dawn. The restaurant owner was so touched by this act of generosity and mentioned “God bless this group of kind folks.”

The year 2020 had been extremely hard for restaurant owners and this act of kindness made their year. The owner also expressed his gratitude for all the support extended by the patrons of the restaurant and hoped that the New Year brings in new hope and makes things better. This post attracted the attention of many netizens who responded by posting kind comments.


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