Curtain Call: The Lord Chamberlain’s Men


Theatre is alive and booming; it is an art form that has gone through several stages of development and consolidation. Whoever disagrees has not witnessed the incredibly talented theatre groups revitalizing the scene in Hyderabad. Audiences, actors, curtains, an open stage and bright lights are just some of the aspects that continue to make the world of theatre as vibrant and compelling as it is. These renowned theatre groups boast not just of ardent theatre lovers and artistes, but those balancing their professional lives and passion for theatre at the same time. Clearly, there is no dearth of talent as more people are leaving the comforts of their lucrative job and opting for a full time career in theatre. Read on to know more about some of them…

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

Established in: 2014 by Riyaz Usman with Alok Kesarwani, Laukik Desai, Snehal Hattikudur, Sneha Dua and Srikanth KM on board

Languages:  Mostly English. Occasionally Hindi

What were the hurdles you faced?

The biggest hurdle was all of us weren’t full time artists at that point of time. We had to juggle between, work, family and theatre.

What do you need to form a theatre group?

Passion, love and enthusiasm. Everything else, including money will fall in place.

Theatre vs recorded entertainment- your take?

Well, theatre is only art form which has been ‘dying’ for the last 2500 years. The science of entertainment will continuously evolve, but the art will remain. You will find a certain amount of theatre in almost all sort of entertainment. The origin of theatre has been monologues, and guess what, is one of most popular performing art form for today’s world? They call it standup now though.

What kind of plays/themes attracts today’s audience?

Most of the time artist tend to undermine audience, and insults their taste by judging it for them. There could be a particular genre more popular than the other, you cannot generalize it. Audiences like a good performance, and that’s it.

Best way to pull the audience from highly addictive home entertainment?

This is probably not limited to theatre alone, but pulling audience out of their comfort zone is very challenging indeed. In an era where everything comes to you, you need a very compelling reason to go out for it. I believe the challenge in front of every artist is to create this reason.

What are the changes you noticed in audience profile?

Irrespective of the medium of entertainment, audience has become more intelligent and demanding. They demand a certain respect, and you need to give it to them.

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