Crea-Shakthi – No Drama Just Theatre .


Crea-Shakthi is a theatre group committed to the cause of taking the craft to the next generation with special focus and attention provided to the training & skill development of heterogeneous groups upto the age of 25.

Today, Crea-Shakthi has 7 full time employees, over 15 schools using our service, 6 centres across Chennai, 23 college/ university associates, and over 300 public performances having brought to light new talent & energy to the live performance scene. The directors at Crea-Shakthi have worked with stalwarts in the industry including the likes of Mr. Mahesh Dattani, Mr. Rajiv Menon, Mrs. Bombay Jayashri, Mr. P.C. Ramakrishna, among many other noteworthy artistes& dignitaries.

crea Shakthi
Crea-Shakthi now boasts of several divisions within the organization catering to specific needs of the growing theatre & performing art culture. Such is the inclusive nature of the craft, that it is applicable to everyone and needs fundamental principles that govern our lives in general, therefore making more relevant and extremely liberating and eye opening experience.



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