Crea-Play Harnesses The Power Of Storytelling To Inspire Kids


Crea-Play, a unique edu-tech platform that was developed using insights and experience gained from over a dozen years in the theatre field, harnesses the power of storytelling to help kids improve their public speaking and communication skills, explore their artistic talents as well as grow in personal confidence. Crea-Play runs virtual courses and camps for ages 5-13. They provide weekly online classes with master storytellers in an encouraging environment of peers to let kids gain feedback on language, creative, cognitive, and physical aspects of storytelling and hone their skills.

Their flagship course, Super Speakers, was launched in June 2021 and has already hosted thousands of student performances by kids from across the world. Through Super Speakers, Crea-Play offers a comprehensive educational module focused on elements of storytelling and theatre. A unique pedagogy backed by Trinity School of London focuses on key communication skills by tracking attributes such as Articulation, Confidence, Delivery, Clarity of thought. Curated games, activities, and performances ensure that the fun element is as quintessential to the programme as personal growth and education.

Crea-Play was co-founded by Dushyanth Gunashekar and Khuzema Siam. Gunashekar is a theatre practitioner and founder of CREA-Shakthi, one of India’s largest theatre companies, and he handles pedagogy and content for the platform. Siam is an entrepreneur and founder of tech solutions company Siam Computing and he handles tech and processes for the platform.



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