Covid numbers finally show a decline in Kerala

The state has finally rolled back the Sunday lockdown 


The state has rolled back the Sunday lockdown 

After Kerala faced a rapid spike in Covid cases with numbers crossing 50,000 per day, the number of cases has finally fallen to 22,254 on Tuesday. The TPR that had reached close to 50 percent also fell to 28 percent, which was a huge relief to the state that had resorted to restrictions such as schools shutting down, Sunday lockdown and even cinema halls and gyms being shut in areas where the positivity was high.   Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan chaired a meeting of the pandemic monitoring committee and decided to roll back the Sunday lockdown.  Schools have reopened as well and all classes will start functioning from February 14th 2022. The state will continue to keep a strict vigil to track the number of cases but restrictions are to be eased on the backdrop of falling Covid numbers.




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