COVID-19: Plight Of Migrant Workers


Lockdown displaces lakhs of migrants and a weeping picture of Rampukar Pandit becomes the symbol of India’s migrant worker tragedy. Reportedly Pandit, a construction worker, was stuck in Delhi for three days and could not see his dying son in Bihar. Recently in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, 24 migrant workers were killed and 36 injured as two trucks carrying them home collide. The injured people were sent along with the dead bodies in the same truck to their homes.

While in Maharashtra sixteen migrant workers were mowed down by a goods train in Aurangabad while they were walking in the rail tracks. Many more migrant workers who walked or cycled back to their homes died during the journey. To add on to it, many are been beaten to death by the police officials for violating the lockdown rules.

In a statistic put together by activists suggest more than 400 people have died because of the lockdown. Of them, 75 people died in a rail or road accidents while walking to their homes. This lockdown seem to be the cause for all the mishaps and the saddening plight of the migrant workers who are been stranded in India.



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